At WOWPage we have a team of professionals taking care of the different aspects. One team is dedicated to designing your overall brand identity and logo. This team will collaborate with the developers that will make your website to ensure it has the WOW factor.


  Yes, at WOWPage we don’t just create websites, we create a brand identity. This includes Logo, Business cards and a fully working website. 


  Yes, we provide not only a custom email address, but also help with setting it up and configuring it on your laptop, mobile device or computer.

  No. There is absolutely no limit. However, every inbox is limited to 250MB to prevent users from sending movies via their email address. On average, 250MB in emails can add up to 100.000 emails.

  We offer content writing and image optimisation for additional with the purchase of your site. However, you can also provide the text and images to make your website more personal, we will implement these into the website at no additional cost.

  Hosting is commonly referred to the paying for the use of web servers that keep your website online. With every WOWPage website, the hosting is free for the first year. 

  During the interview we will give an estimation on how long it takes for the team to develop the logo, business cards and website. This can vary depending on requirements by you.

  Our websites are complete solutions and include more than 40 features. Among them the most important ones are:  4 pages or one page look,  Content writing and creation, Picture and photo optimisation, Responsive design. Fully optimised for search engine with our Basic SEO, Your own domain name, 1 year of hosting, Your own email address (, full Social media implantation of your current social media pages, Google view and  including 30 minutes of internet marketing consulting.

  Yes, completely free. You can decide if you want to do it via Phone or via a platform like Skype. 

  We will base our design on the information gathered from the interview we do with you. In this interview, we ask several questions and design preferences. This combined with our 15 years of market experience is enough for us to design a complete website.

  No problem, we will look at what has to be improved or change from the main design, adapt it and conduct a second review of the website to see if all changes are up to your standard.  (max reviews 2)

  There are 2 choices.

  • We can delete the old website and install your new WOWPage on the same URL your current website is (recommended)
  • Or register it under a new domain name.


This will all be done by us, no input from you is required.

  At WOWPage we deliver mobile and tablet friendly websites. This means, the website is completely adapted for mobile and tablet. This is important as over 70% of UK internet traffic is done from mobile devices.

  The purpose of a WOWPage is to provide new traffic and clients to your business. Over 97% of people in the UK find new services and products via Google. SEO means Search Engine optimisation, which refers to the optimisation of design and content that make it easier for search engines like Google to properly rank you among its search results.

For payments we use a service called Sendowl. We will provide the link that brings you to the checkout in which you can find a summary of all services provided and the end price of 399 Pounds. The accepted payment methods are bank transfer, paypal and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, maestro and AMEX)

  SSL is a certificate that allows for secure connection between the user and our WOWPage server. All WOWPage websites have SSL as a mandatory feature, to ensure safety for our clients and for us. 

  Yes, we provide access to our custom CMS system. From this system you can modify the website as you like once it is life. After all, you own your website.